Beatport DNA Pack: Full Expansion

Beatport DNA Pack: Full Expansion

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About this collection

Unveiling the Beatport DNA Pack: Full Expansion! Brace yourself for an amplified experience as this collection unlocks an extensive array of artist DNA, propelling your creative journey into uncharted realms. The Full Expansion takes the KORUS AI platform to new heights, providing access to a diverse spectrum of Artist DNA strands. Craft your tracks with newfound inspiration, fusing elements from a variety of genres. Beyond unlocking genres, the Full Expansion invites you to explore sub-genres like UK Bass, Jackin House, Deep House, Progressive House, Afro House, and Minimal House. Use Artist DNA to craft your own tracks using the KORUS AI algorithms. As the creator, you will be rewarded with legal ownership of the track you create and the ability to mint it on-chain.This collection is a result of our partnership with Beatport, a renowned online music store specializing in electronic dance music and culture.